Saturday, 22 August 2015

Welcome Back

Dear Ladies

Welcome back!  Hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing summer.  We have some exciting meetings scheduled for the next few months!

Wednesday 9 September;  Sandrine Anterrion will be showing us how to channel our inner Jasmine at her belly dancing class. Come and find out all about this fascinating art form.

Wednesday 14 October; 'Liz will kick off our 'Staying Alive' community work for 2015/16, along with other members who are up-to-date on CPR.  When we have all reminded ourselves of the technique (or learned it) we will filter it down to our friends and family.  The aim is to reach 100 people in a month.  We can do it!'

Wednesday 11 November; Julie Barber teaches the Alexander Technique in Muswell Hill. She will be showing us how the technique can help with back pain, headaches, stress and even public speaking.
Wednesday 9 December; Florist Sue Arran will be running a workshop on decorations for the Festive Table. Advance booking necessary for this class.

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