Friday, 3 October 2014

October Meeting

Wednesday 8 Sept - 7.45 pm

Cutting and Carving - Pumpkin Lantern Fun!

Dear Ladies

This month we will be cutting and carving... no not the roast; a pumpkin lantern! Come and join us with your pumpkin and carving kit and get ready to create  your masterpiece for Halloween.  

Before you come along:
Obtain a pumpkin (or squash) and cut a wide circle in the BOTTOM
Remove the seeds and strings
Thin the interior walls to about 1 inch.

Bring with you:  
Prepared pumpkin, carving tools or serrated thin bladed knife
Bodger or thin straight skewer
Paper pattern (several online) (if you wish)
Night light (and matches if it’s real)
Bin bag and cling film.

I recommend Pumpkin carving kits…they contain all you’ll need ... The Pound shops are advertising them…..for £1!

If you don’t want to take them home, we will donate them to Stephens House for their Spooky Halloween open day at the end of the month…..

Also please remember to bring along your books for the book swap!  

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