Monday, 7 July 2014

July Meeting

Wednesday 9 July - 8pm

Mosaic Workshop

This month is a chance for us to try out a creative mosaic workshop run by Emily Weaver. 

Emily trained as a primary school teacher and always enjoyed teaching topics through art inspired activities. Over the years, in her free time, she has been interested in different craft and art activities, sewing, painting, making cards, decorating at home and so on. 

At one point she saw a mosaic making course for beginners advertised and decided this could be something for her.  After the weekend course, she took up mosaic as a hobby and since then has made many small items for friends and as commissions.

A chance conversation led to a commission for a large mosaic piece in a local secondary school in 2011, this was followed last year by a mosaic cross made for St Mary’s Primary school in Finchley Central.

She enjoys finding time for these creative activities in between her other jobs, teaching and running her home!

At the WI meeting she will show some photos of mosaic works, and talk about different mosaic techniques giving everyone the opportunity to make a mosaic coaster to take home.

The materials will be provided.

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