Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Our March Meeting - 'Edith and I' by Elizabeth Gowing

Wednesday 12th March 2014

Event: Talk by Elizabeth Gowing, Author of 'Edith and I'
Time: 8.00pm-10.00pm
Venue: Finchley Golf Club, Frith Lane, London NW7 1PU

Members: Free
Visitors: £5.00

Reminder: ** Please bring a passport  sized photo  (2.5cm wide by 3.5cm long) of yourself for our membership cards** You can print a photo off from your computer and you can smile in it!

Hello Ladies,

I am writing this newsletter to you all on International Women's Day (Saturday 8th March) a day which celebrates women's achievement and recognises women's rights. This years theme is Inspiring Change.  If you do get a chance to be involved with any of the days events going on in London, please do share them with us. You can tell us on Facebook and also at the meeting. It would be great to hear what you did to celebrate the day. 

I feel that we at the Finchley WI are extending this day to our Wednesday meeting. We have Elizabeth Gowing speaking to us about one inspiring woman of the early 20th century. I am really excited about this evening and I hope we all leave inspired and full of self belief in what we can achieve. Below is a taster of what you can expect at the meeting on Wednesday 12th March at 8pm.

Edith and I: on the trail of an Edwardian traveller in Kosovo

What if a woman from a century ago could help you understand your life today? Elizabeth Gowings new book, Edith and I; on the trail of an Edwardian traveller in Kosovo - — tells the story of how she tracked down anthropologist, aid worker and feisty Balkan explorer, Edith Durham. The book will appeal to anyone who loves travel, biography, inspiring Women of the Empire, or the thrills of research and discoveringWho do you think you are.

Two Kosovo journeys a century apart.

In 1900, Europe’s last wilderness was explored by a most unlikely champion, a stout, stubborn Englishwoman who travelled in her tam o’shanter across the Accursed Mountains into Kosovo. Edith Durham was dubbed ‘Queen of the Highlanders’ by the Albanians who honoured her for her anthropological writing, her humanitarian aid and her tireless lobbying for their cause.

One hundred years later, I came to Kosovo and also fell in love with the country. Dividing my time between there and London, I thought that no-one would understand my identity crisis; but as I unravelled Edith’s story through archives and museum collections in Britain and retraced Edith’s steps in Kosovo I learned from her what I should do with my life.

Tracing the revelations in old diaries, jolting along Kosovan roads in a ‘motokultivator,' learning from Edith the secrets of the harem, and from monks the treasures of Unesco World Heritage Site monasteries, I travelled on Edith’s trail and ended up finding not only an Edwardian heroine but also a guide to my own very twenty-first century dilemma.
The book was reviewed in the Times newspaper and described as 'the most delicious, delightful read of the summer'.

"Elizabeth Gowing’s descriptions Kosovaars of people and places will have you wanting to head to Kosovo on the next available flight. Her passion for the country shines through her quest to discover the life of Edith Durham, another British woman who took Kosovo and Kosovaars to her heart." - John McCarthy

Committee and AGM - WE NEED YOU!!

The WI year is coming to a close very soon and we are looking for more people to join us on the committee. The more people we have the easier it is for everyone to combine WI life with our own lives and its always great to get fresh ideas on board. We just meet once a month, usually at one of our houses and our meetings will include planning the speakers and workshop calendar, raffle and find new ways to spread the word about WI Finchley. Have a think, the only qualification is enthusiasm! If you are interested, please come and chat with any one of us on the committee about what we do. You can come to one of our meetings to get a flavour of what their like.

Moving back to Avenue House

In July we are going to go back to our room in Avenue House. We have had some fantastic meetings here at the Finchley Golf Club,  but we appreciate that Avenue House is a lot easier to get to by public transport and that in the winter there is a lot more light to its entrance. We will be giving you all lots of reminders of the venue change from now until July!

Hope to see you all on Wednesday 12th March at the Finchley Golf Club and don't forget your passport photo for your membership card.


Anna-Maria and the committee xx

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