Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Our January Meeting - The Armed Faction of The ANC

Event: Talk by Peter Smith on his experiences as being part of the armed faction of the ANC
Time: 8.00pm-10.00pm
Venue: Finchley Golf Club, Frith Lane, London NW7 1PU

Members: Free
Visitors: £5.00
HAPPY 2014

Dear All,

New Year, New Goals!
I and the committee hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and that you are now entering the New Year refreshed, full of vigour and ready to try out new things! To help you on your way, at our next meeting on Wednesday 8 January, 8pm at Finchley Golf Club, we are going to have an "Our Goal for 2014" board. We are going to invite you all to pin on the board one thing that you really want to achieve this year. Do share your ideas with each other during the meet and greet section of the evening and hopefully we can get one or two you to share with the whole group what you want to do and why. At one of our summer meetings we would love the whole group to share what they have done so far to try and achieve their goal, a bit of a 'Show and Tell' session. My goal for this year is to learn how to sew and use the sewing machine so that I can make curtains!

Finchley WI in Finchley Matters
Ladies it feels like we've hit the big time in Finchley! Finchley Matters magazine has a four page spread on us! It is a really exciting way to start the New Year and the committee really hope this will get more women in Finchley involved with the WI. Do get a copy and read what it has to say about us and the WI movement. We hope to have some copies at the meeting too for everyone to look at.

Annual Resolution
At our December meeting we talked about the WI resolutions for 2014 for us all to vote on this month. Information of the three proposals was given as hand-outs. If you were not there or did not pick up a hand-out, please find the proposed resolutions below. We will vote on which one the Finchley WI wants to put forward to the national federation.

Shortlist of Resolution for AGM 2014   

 1. Increasing organ donation 
 The NFWI notes that three people die every day whilst waiting for an organ transplant. We call on every member of the WI to make their wishes regarding organ donation known, and to encourage their families and friends, and members of their local communities to do likewise. 

 2. Campaign against female genital mutilation 
 This AM directs the NFWI to call on the government to give widespread disclosure and publicity to the practice of female genital mutilation as affecting British citizens in this country and abroad and supports the education campaign. 

3. Provision of non-acute hospital beds 
This meeting urges the NHS to maintain or increase the number of non-acute hospital beds. 

4. Funding for women’s centres to cater for the specific needs of vulnerable
    women at risk of offending 

The Justice Select Committee, which has undertaken an inquiry into women offenders, has criticised Ministry of Justice rehabilitation reforms for failing to respond to the specific needs of women offenders. The NFWI therefore urges HMG to provide proper funding for a women’s centre in every local authority area to cater for the needs of vulnerable women, including offenders and those at risk of offending.

First Speaker for 2014
This month our speaker is Peter Smith. He is a supply school teacher but years back, in the 1970's he was part of the armed faction of the ANC.  He is coming to talk about his experiences, the training he received, such as how to avoid being followed and how they smuggled arms across Africa. The work was in isolation and at a recent reunion he was amazed to find many of his work colleagues had been doing the same as he and he never knew! I met Peter during my work and his stories came up in conversation. I thought they were quite fascinating and thought you may find them interesting too. 

Book Club
Book Club is meeting on Thursday 30th January and the book they are reading is "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn. Waterstones is supporting our book club and they will display the book. Noa will give details of the time and location they are meeting at our monthly meeting.

Craft Club
There is going to be a trial period of having Craft club on Monday evenings with the first one of 2014 starting on Monday 1th3 January. Liz has set a challenge of tiny cross stitch designs for those not currently working on a project. You can find the designs on this link http://whatdelilahdid.typepad.com/Renegade%20Button%20Project%20Sheets.pdf as a free download. On behalf of the committee I'd like to say thank you to Liz for holding Craft Club at her home.

Walking Club
As soon as I have news as to January’s walk I will send out special email.

Don't forget to come along with one thing that you want to achieve this year! I think 2014 is going to be a very exciting year for the Finchley WI and we are looking forward to catching up with you all at the meeting.


Anna-Maria and the Committee xx

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