Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Biomechanics of Golf

Our June meeting didn't go to plan, with the unseasonable rain meaning we couldn't get out onto the green for our professional golf lesson with Finchley Golf Club pro Caroline.

However, instead she delivered a fascinating talk on the biomechanics of golf, and indeed all sport. She explained how the position and alignment of your body has a huge impact on how you play sport, and therefore if you have injuries, a misalignment, or learned postures, these can affect your game.

She made us all think twice about our bodies, especially when she asked us to point to our hips, and surprisingly many of us were wrong. She pointed out how small issues we would usually ignore such as having one leg shorter than the other, or a bad posture, can have a huge impact upon how we play sport, and whether we get injured.

She showed us how to align our bodies properly in order to deliver a good golf swing and boy did that posture make a big difference.

She made a point of reminding us how important is it to look after our bodies, with a great analogy...
If you bump your car against a curb and it starts to wobble you take it to be realigned at the mechanics, but if you bump your body and you experience pain or discomfort, we ignore it, despite our bodies being far more precious and needing to last us much longer!

Definitely food for thought!

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