Wednesday, 5 December 2012

December meeting - Christmas social

Hello ladies!

To end the year on a bang, and to say thank you to all our members, we thought we would host our Christmas meeting in The Bohemia in North Finchley. It’s a lovely new pub in the area and the manager is keen to support local groups like ours and would love to welcome us for the night. 

We’ve reserved an area there and would like to buy you all a drink to say thank you for another great year with the WI. 

Laura, our lovely president, will be waiting outside from 8.00-8.15pm as we know some of you might not be keen on heading into a pub by yourself. 

You are all more than welcome to bring a friend with no visitors fee this time.

Wednesday 12 December from 8pm. See you there! 

the WI Finchley Committee xx

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  1. I was a stallholder at the Frost Fair and had a great time and plenty of sales. Great organisation by all. I have been thinking for some time to join the WI Finchley. I wondered whether you were inviting visitors to the December Meeting?
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