Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Our July meeting - the world of chocolate!

Wednesday 13 July 8.00pm Avenue House, East End Road, Finchley

Come and join us for our July meeting and learn all about chocolate.

We've invited Kieran from Chocolution to come and talk to us about our favourite sweet treat. how it's made, from cocoa bean to bar, what it tastes like at different stages and even how it can be good for us...!

Chocolution specialises in chocolate that is organic, rich in antioxidants and without dairy. it's chocolate in its purest form.

Yum! We can't wait...!

hope to see you there

Emma and the WI Finchley Committee x

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  1. If you put this in the Finchley Community before tomorrow evening, we will publish it at the end of June in the Finchley Community. Deadline was the 20th but we'll stretch a point if you like?