Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Christine's review of our Rare Tea Company talk

Henrietta began the evening by serving us a delicious glass of her Jasmine Silver Tip tea made from the first spring buds of the tea bush. Having tasted the often bitter brews of green tea made from teabags, this was a revelation.

Henrietta’s travels in her former job took her to countries where it was customary to offer fine teas as gifts and order the best teas in restaurants in the way that we might order good wine. Unable to find such quality teas in the UK she began tracking down small specialised tea farms. The Rare Tea Company now supplies tea to many top restaurants and has received the Observer Good Food award. She explained how to make a proper cuppa and how to match tea types with food.

A meeting with Terry Clerk an RAF veteran of the Battle of Britain inspired Henrietta to create a Royal Air Force tea, now selling in Sainsbury’s, with part of the profits going to the RAF Wings Appeal.

Have a look at Henrietta’s website www.rareteacompany.com for more inspiration!

Christine Williams
WI Finchley Committee - Theatre Organiser

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