Tuesday, 3 August 2010

WI Finchley's resident gardening expert shares her tips!

Keep dead-heading those container plants, roses and dahlias. They will keep producing flowers right through till the first frosts. If your little ones are old enough to handle scissors, get them to snip off dead blooms at a penny each, it might keep them happy for ten minutes.

Don't forget to water containers and feed once a week if you didn't use slow release plant food granules.

There is still time to sow green salad crops, carrots and spring cabbage in the veg garden. Lettuce and carrots will do very well in pots if space is limited.

If you grow alliums in the garden, their lovely starburst seed heads make fabulous christmas decorations when sprayed gold or silver (yes, we know it's five months away!). 
For more gardening tips, visit these websites: BBC, Royal Horticultural Society, Garden Organic, and Gardeners World.

Here's to an Indian summer!

Image source: BBC website

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